owncloud: Research data sharing

  • On-campus cloud storage ensuring only local data protection laws apply
  • Browser-based interface - staff can also use a desktop client (see Version advice for desktop client users below)
  • Groups function to help you share your data with many users

Please note: ownCloud is NOT a backup service!
There are other solutions available for this, such as OneDrive for Business, which allow a much larger amount of data to be stored.

Version advice for desktop client users

From version 2.3.4 onward, the desktop client became incompatible with our ownCloud server.

If your desktop client prompts you to install updates, do not install them!

If your desktop client has already been updated to an incompatible version, you can roll it back: download version 2.3.3 here.

Advanced users can also disable automatic updating.


Share your research content

Click the share link beside the file or folder you want to share.

To share with UofG staff: type their GUID in the 'Share with users or groups...' box

To share with UofG student or external collaborator:

  1. Make sure they have logged in via the Shibboleth login link at least once, so their account is recognised
  2. Type their name in the 'Share with users or groups...' box - it will start to auto-fill after a few letters so take care if two people have similar names

To share with external people who can't login via Shibboleth: use the 'Share link' function to create a password protected link to your data

Group collaboration

Groups can share access to an ownCloud folder to work collaboratively. Only UofG staff, and students and externals who can log in via the Shibboleth link can use shared folders. Externals who can't login must get content shared via a link.

Collaboration of five or fewer members

The group's nominated 'data owner' - normally the senior member or project co-ordinator - can create a folder for the project in their ownCloud account, and share this with the other members of the group.

The data owner can also set folder permissions as appropriate for each member: read-only, full edit, and delete.

The data owner needs to have a quota above the amount of data in the folder; this can be set on request. The quota for the folder only applies to the data owner, so if the folder is 10GB in size and a user only has 250MB quota, that has no bearing on their access to the whole of the content in the folder.

Collaboration of more than five members

We recommend you request a named group for this work. Then you only need to share the folder with a single entity (the group), and everyone who is a member of the group gets access. This avoids you needing to add every member individually.

  1. Submit a request to the IT Helpdesk for a group for collaborative data sharing. Provide the desired name for the group, and confirm the name of the data owner.
  2. After the group is set up, provide the GUIDs of any UofG staff who need access
  3. Advise your students or external members to login via the Shibboleth link, and to provide their name, institutional email and contact details of the data owner. You with then be contacted as each individual external member requests access to the group.
  4. If anyone leaves the collaboration, inform the administrator so they can be removed from the group.