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Research data sharing - OwnCloud

Service Status: Available

Service URL:

Description of Service:

Owncloud provides secure on-campus storage for staff research data which can be securely shared with researcher collaborators at other institutions via UK access federated sign-in. On-campus storage is maintained on the University of Glasgow infrastructure and is fully backed up. It is suitable for research data where the funding body has stipulated that data must be housed within the University, or where the nature of the data requires on-campus storage. Research Group information can be used create collaborative groupings to simplify document management and sharing.


University Staff. Staff can collaborate with: colleagues, University of Glasgow students, and staff in the UK Access federation institutions.

Service Adoption:

Sign in (access 10 Gb individual storage initially)

To request increased storage for your project raise a Helpdesk call "Software issues > Owncloud Research Collaboration > request increase storage" stating storage required and reason.
To request a group is created, or add someone from federated access raise a helpdesk call "Software issues > Owncloud Research Collaboration > Request group/federated user"

Service Support:

Users should use Helpdesk self-service where available, (GUID required).



Service Training:

OwnCloud users guide

Service Availability:

24x7x52 subject to occasional maintenance

Service Standards:

Acknowledgement of calls within 8 business hours and resolution within 40 business hours in normal circumstances.

Service Charges and Fees:

Centrally supported.

Further Information:

OwnCloud users guide

Customer Service Issues:

Service issues should be raised in the first instance with:

IT Services Helpdesk
University of Glasgow
G12 8QQ
tel: +441413304800

or subsequently with

Director Technical Infrastructure
James Watt North Building
University of Glasgow
G12 8QQ