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Change request form and information (doc)


As at 1 August 2010 a standard/unified structure was adopted across University systems for cost centres and the organisational entities in the new University organisational structure. The change management process described below will be used to manage changes to the organisational structure over time and maintain consistency across all University systems.

All change requests will be considered and approved by the Head of College, College Secretary and Head of Finance. The College secretary will be responsible for liaison internally with the College HR Office, Heads of Schools, Directors of Research Institutes, Heads of School Administration and any other individuals affected by the change.

US Finance Office and IT Services are responsible for verifying that the request is consistent with the framework and will implement the approved change across University systems.

Change request process

  • Level 1 (College) and Level 2 (School/Institute/University Services Division).
  • Colleges and their level 2 (Schools/Institutes) - Changes approved by the Senior Management Group and ratified by University Court.
  • University Services level 2 (Divisions) - Changes approved by the Head of Administration.
  • Level 3 (Subject/Theme/US Service) and Level 4 (Sub-structure of level 3).

When the requirement for a new unit/ change in name is identified, the member of staff should first contact their College Secretary and Head of Finance to discuss the change required. The proposed change to level 3/4 will be considered and approved by the Head of College, College Secretary and College Head of Finance. The College will liaise with staff internally regarding the change. Staff from University Services Finance Office and IT Services are available to provide guidance at earlier stages if required.
The College Secretary / Head of Finance then pass the authorised proposal to the Finance Office and IT Services. US Finance and IT Services will allocate the new unit an 8 digit code and send confirmation to the College Secretary / Head of Finance.

  • Name corrections will be approved within a short period.
  • Introduction of new codes will normally be carried out at a month end. Proposals will be evaluated for their impact and the work involved across the University’s main systems before an implementation date is confirmed.
  • For requests to close codes, an end date will be agreed after which the code will no longer be available for use.

Communication and actions

Once a code is changed, created or to be ended, the information will be supplied to the circulation list of systems owners (see below) for action.

Information will also be updated on Finance Office and IT Services web-pages. Each system owner, working in conjunction with the relevant College/School, is responsible for updating relevant data in their systems with the support of their IT teams as appropriate.

Diane Cameron, Finance Office   
Diane Montgomery, IT Services

September 2010

Change notification communication list

The circulation list will be advised of changes to the cost centres/ organisational structure by email to Operational Managers/nominated contacts once approved by University Services Finance Office and IT Services and University codes allocated. 



Finance Office


Human Resources

HR/Payroll system


Student Records system

Student Lifecycle Project

Campus Solutions

Senate Office


Research and Enterprise

Research system

External Relations

Webteam / T4 pages

Estates Room Bookings

Central Room Bookings


Quemis System

Computing Service


Identity Vault

Active Directory


Supportworks IT Helpdesk

Auto-generated email services

Learning and Teaching Centre

Data imports


All applications supported by MIS already on list and:-


   SCUBA Leisure Management System

   Identity Card and Access Control System

   User Registration System

Planning Office

Resource Allocation Model


Library Patron System

Enlighten (Publications)

Telephone Service

Telephone Directory and Charging

Information will also be updated on Finance Office and IT Services web-pages: