Coronavirus FAQS

The following information provides guidance on the University's travel insurance policy in relation to Coronavirus.

Please review this information carefully & if you need additional assistance, please contact

For those planning to travel on University related business

1) Can I currently apply for travel insurance?

Yes, you should apply for insurance through the online portal (TRICAP). You should ensure you have the correct authorisation in line with the University's travel protocol and that your travel is for business purposes.

2) If I fall ill whilst abroad due to COVID-19, will my medical expenses be covered?

The insurers haven't applied any COVID-19 related exclusions to the medical expenses cover. Therefore medical expenses cover applies to COVID-19 related medical expenses. However, please ensure you follow any COVID related restrictions/regulations in place at your destination, as any insured person must take reasonable precautions mitigate any claim. For full terms and conditions, please refer to the policy cover documents available through the Insurance team's homepage.

3) Will I be covered if my trip is cancelled or I have to come home early?

It will depend on the exact circumstances of the cancellation. However, if your trip has been booked whilst an FCDO warning is in place, there will be no cover for cancellation/curtailment or rearrangement arising from that warning. Claims arising from cancellation due to contracting COVID before travel should be covered.

Also, the policy does not cover claims which arise as a result of government regulations. So if, for example, your trip is affected by border closures or quarantine requirements, the insurers may not pay your claim.

If an airline cancels your flight, you should obtain a refund from them as they are legally obliged to provide one.

Any other claims will need to be submitted to the insurers for consideration on a case by case basis. In all cases, the final decision rests with the Insurers and this will only be made once they receive a fully submitted claim.

4) Do I need to complete a risk assessment & where can I get the correct form?

Risk assessments should be completed in line with University's travel protocol. You should refer to the Safety and Environmental Protection Services webpage for the most up to date forms.

The Risk assessment should be logged on TRICAP as per the guidance on the portal.

The insurance team aren't able to give guidance on how to complete these forms.

5) I am starting my journey outside the UK - do the FCDO warnings still affect my cover?

Yes, the above points apply regardless of where you start your journey. The insurance policy is issued in the UK and you would be travelling on the business of a UK based institute. Therefore the cover is influenced by FCDO warnings.

6) The country I am travelling to requires that I have a COVID test. Will the insurance cover this? 

No. The insurance covers medical expenses incurred if you suffer illness or injury whilst you are on your travels. The insurance will not cover any costs in connection with the entry requirements at your destination. This includes COVID tests or any vaccination requirements.  

For those Studying or Working Remotely

1) Am I eligible for the travel insurance if I am studying/working remotely away from my normal place of study/work?

No. The travel insurance is intended to cover short term trips where it is necessary for you to leave your normal place of work for a specific purpose that is required for your studies/work. The intention is not to provide healthcare cover for staff/students who are doing work that would normally be done at UoG facilites and/or would not otherwise be eligible for the travel insurance. If you are working remotely then you will need to arrange your own personal insurance.

For staff that are working remotely, the provision of travel insurance would be a taxable benefit and it is not the intention of the travel insurance to provide a benefit to staff. Also, there may be legal and tax implications so you are advised to contact HR and Payroll.

2) Should I still log my trip on TRICAP? 

Yes, the trip should still be logged on TRICAP as the portal is now being used for matters other than insurance. There is a check box where you can indicate that you don't require insurance.