Insurance & Risk - Contents Valuation (2020)

Each year the University has to provide its property insurer with estimates of the contents valuation, per building.  A full valuation exercise was performed in 2018 and staff were asked to provide confirmation of any changes of more than £100,000 in February 2019.

Due to the current circumstances, valuing contents poses a greater challenge than normal, although we are still required to provide this information to the insurer as normal.  We are not therefore completing a full revaluation.

Prior respondents – ACTIONS REQUIRED BY JULY 10TH

1. The current contents listing will be shared on One Drive with all staff who have provided a return in the past.  Guidance is included on the first tab.

2. On the Data Input tab, please filter by your name in “Contact” – Column G

3. Please review the figures in columns J-U which have been included in the past.  Please pay particular attention to whether the total figures appear reasonable, and whether the high value items are accurately included.

4. When should you provide amended information?

  • For material changes (purchases, acquisitions or disposals) of greater than £50,000, you are required to provide the current values for the relevant categories.
  • If you have changed location and your department/faculty/School now occupies a different building, we need to know the values in the current locations.
  • For smaller changes, providing us with updated information is optional at this time.

5. How to notify us? 

  • To amended values or locations, please complete the Contents Template, available at the below link, by copying your relevant lines and changing the values or locations – please include the original entry number in column A.  Please return the amended entries to 
  • To delete an entire entry, please change all the values to 0 and note in column X – “Delete entry”

6. What if I have no changes to make?
Please email and confirm that you have no changes to make to your figures.

7. Who should I contact with questions?  Email :

Heads of Admin/Professional Services or equivalent for Colleges and Schools – ACTIONS REQUIRED

We will be asking the Heads of Admin for the Colleges and Schools to review contents for reasonableness.  We will be reaching out to you directly for input.

All staff

Going forward, if a new piece of equipment is purchased or acquired at any time, and you would like to ensure it is covered by the UoG insurance, you should notify the insurance team by completing the form in the links section on the right hand side of this page. You do not need to wait for the annual return process to provide us with this information.