Sancto Georgio, Johannes Antonius de: Super quarto libro Decretalium.

Pavia:  Antonius de Carcano, 24 May 1476.
Fol.   a-c10 d12 2a-d10 e-f10 g-k8.10 l-p10 q6 aa-dd10 ee8 ff-oo10 pp6.   [338] leaves, 42, 43, 337 and 338 blank.
ISTC is00136000;  Goff S136;  Sack(Freiburg) 3151.

Shelf-mark: Sp Coll T.C.L. e3 (see main library entry for this item)
Provenance: Varese, Franciscan monastery of Sancta Maria Annunciata, near Lake Como:  circular book stamp quartered with initials SMAV (standing for Sancta Maria Annunciata Varisii) on a1v and pp4v.
Free Church College Library, Glasgow (later Trinity College Library), founded 1856:  source unknown;  pencil shelfmark of Trinity College Library “39 B/1” on front flyleaf.
University of Glasgow:  Trinity College Library placed on permanent deposit in University of Glasgow Library in 1974 by the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.
Binding: 19th-century diced brown calf, red morocco spine;  marbled endpapers;  front and rear flyleaves have watermark of an orb within which is the initial “M”.   Size:  420 x 290 mm.
Leaf size: 406 x 280 mm.
Annotations: Very occasional marginal annotations and “nota” marks in a 15th/16th-century hand;  evidence of 15th/16th-century manuscript signatures in red ink (e.g. in gatherings f-h);  foliated in brown ink in a 16th-century hand “1”-“47” on recto leaves from a2 recto to 2a6 recto, and then continuing on verso leaves “48”-“336” from 2a6 verso to pp4 verso;  manuscript references using that foliation in the margins of the alphabetical index printed in gatherings a-d;  running headings in the top right hand corner of each recto leaf in a 16th-century hand identifying sections of the text e.g. “De diuorciis”, “De frigidis et maleficiatis”;  19th-century price in pencil “4.4.0” on front flyleaf;  19th-century price(?) codes in pencil “o/E” and “xp” on rear free endpaper.
Decoration: Initials supplied in red (occasionally with reserved white) throughout;  paragraph marks supplied in red throughout.
Imperfections: Wanting the blank leaves pp5-6.

Penwork initial in Sancto Georgio, Johannes Antonius de: Super quarto libro Decretalium