Florus, Lucius Annaeus: Epitomae rerum Romanarum.

Add:  Alexander de Roes:  Memoriale de praerogativa Romani imperii.

[Cologne:  Arnold Ther Hoernen, ca. 1474]
Fol.   [1-310].   [30] leaves, the last blank.
Date from GW;  also dated ca. 1471.
ISTC if00233000;  Goff F233;  BMC I 202;  Bod-inc F-077;  GW 10094.

The Memoriale of Alexander de Roes incorporates the work of Jordanus Osnabrugensis, De imperio romano. The version given here, with title De commendacione Romani imperii, corresponds to capp. 4-34 of the edition of H. Grundmann and H. Heimpel (Alexander von Roes, Schriften (Stuttgart: 1958)), of which chapters 4-9 are the tract of Jordanus - ISTC.

Shelf-mark: Sp Coll  Hunterian Bx.2.23 (see main library entry for this item)
Variant: 3/9v (f. 29v), line 41 reads “... de erratis.” as in Universitäts- und Stadtbibliothek Köln digitized copy, not as in GW “... re erratis.” and line 42 reads “... rōni.” as in Universitäts- und Stadtbibliothek Köln digitized copy, not as in GW “... dōni.”
Provenance: Anthony Askew (1722-1774), physician and classical scholar:  probably lot 1748 (‘Flori (Lucii) Historia, editio princeps, sine Anni & Loci, vel Typographi Indicio’) in 'Bibliotheca Askeviana …' (London:  Baker & Leigh, 1775).
William Hunter (1718-1783), physician and anatomist:  purchased by Hunter for £6.6.0;  see the annotated British Library copy of the Askew sale catalogue (where De Bure is named as buyer but his name crossed out and replaced with Hunter’s).
University of Glasgow:  Hunterian bequest 1807;  Hunterian Museum bookplate on front pastedown, with former shelfmark “Au.5.6”.
Binding: 18th-century brown speckled sheep;  covers decorated with a double gold-fillet border and a panel formed by a blind roll and fillets, with a floral ornament in blind at the outer corners;  restored and repaired, with new goatskin spine, by Douglas Cockerell & Son, Jan. 1958;  new endpapers, but original front free endpaper with inscriptions bound in;  binder’s note tipped onto rear pastedown;  original sprinkled red-edging of leaves retained;  paper index tab on 1/1 - suggesting this was once bound with another or other works.   Size:  298 x 215 mm.
Leaf size: 288 x 208 mm.
Annotations: Brief 15th/16th-century marginal annotations on 3/7 (f. 27);  in a different hand (16th century) frequent marginal annotations giving the names of various wars e.g. “Bellum Mithridaticum”, “Bellum Creticum”;  15th/16th-century signatures “a”-“c” at lower outer corner of many leaves;  on front free endpaper 18th-century annotation “Editio Princeps” together with a lightly deleted shelfmark “Pr.B-F” (both in ink) and the number “580” in pencil.
Decoration: Initials supplied in red throughout, with guide-letters frequently visible in brown ink;  occasional paragraph marks in red.
Imperfections: Wanting the final blank leaf. 

Title incipit of Florus, Lucius Annaeus: Epitomae rerum Romanarum