Godefrey of Boloyne, or The siege and conquest of Jerusalem, or Eracles.

Translated by William Caxton.

Westminster: William Caxton, 20 Nov. 1481.
Fol. a6 b4 1-168 176. [144] leaves, a1 and 1/1 blank.
ISTC ig00316000; Goff G316; BMC XI 124 (IB. 55049); Bod-inc G-164; DeR(C) 46: 7; GW 12572.

A translation of excerpts from a French version of the Historia of Gulielmus de Tyro.

Shelf-mark: Sp Coll Hunterian Bv.2.29 (see main library entry for this item)
Note: Leaves 2/4 and 2/8 have lacerations made by a knife.
Note: The third front flyleaf has a watermark of a pot surmounted by a crown and upturned crescent; its top right-hand corner has been excised, and on its verso is pasted an engraving of William Caxton.
Provenance: Thomas (16th century): partially defaced inscription on 16/4v “Thomas [...] est verus possessor huius libri”.
Robert (16th century): name “Robert” on 9/2r.
John Rolfe (16th century): name on 1/1r “John Rolfe”.
John Dawson (16th century): name on 10/8v “John Dawson”.
Mathew Goodwin (fl. 1650): inscription on verso of third front flyleaf “Belonges to Mathew Goodwin 14 June 1650” above which (and probably in the same hand) is an inscription “vallewed – in – 2/s 6d”.
Ebenezer Mussell (d. 1764), collector: on the recto of the third front flyleaf is the number “149” in ink i.e. lot 149 in 'A catalogue of the curious and valuable library of Ebenezer Mussel, Esq; of Bethnal Green', [London:] A. Langford, [1766].
John Ratcliffe (1707-1776), book collector: purchased at the Mussell sale for £3.17.0 according to the digitized copy of the Mussell sale catalogue (annotated with prices and buyers’ names) at the Houghton Library, Harvard University; lot 1667 in 'Bibliotheca Ratcliffiana' (1776).
William Hunter (1718-1783), physician and anatomist: purchased by Hunter for £4.18.0 at the Ratcliffe sale according to the annotated BL copy of the Ratcliffe sale catalogue (shelfmark 822.d.6); De Ricci mistakenly identified Hunter’s copy as lot 1224 (which is the copy now in the British Library - see BMC XI 124).
University of Glasgow: Hunterian bequest 1807; Hunterian Museum bookplate and book label on front pastedown, with former shelfmark “Z.8.5”.
Binding: England, 18th-century gold-tooled red morocco;  covers decorated with a dog-tooth roll border;  red title label and green imprint labels on spine;  four other spine compartments decorated  with cross-hatching in the form of dotted lines, and with decorative roll tooling added at head and tail of spine;  dark blue pastedowns;  gilt-edged leaves.   Size:  249 x 184 mm.
Leaf size: 243 x 174 mm.
Annotations: Pen-trials in a 16th-century hand on a2r, together with faded and cropped marginal annotations in a different hand; on 1/1r are four inscriptions in a 16th-century hand “at my begynnyng god be my sped || In Grace [and] vertue to pro[ce]de”, “Sigillo Sigillat[um] dat[um] octauo die mensis”, “God spake these wourdes [and] sayd I am thy”, and “[...]te somnu[m] mortis imaginem”; inscription in a 16th-century hand on 10/3v “Joh[ann]es Warde est nebulo lanista ac rabula”; underlining and pointing hands on 1/2v and 1/3r; marginal annotations in 16th-century hands on 6/3r, 9/5r, 13/7v (defaced), 13/8r, 14/3r, 17/5v (with a reference to London); pen-trials and jottings in 16th/17th-century hands on 17/6r and 17/6v; on the recto of the third front flyleaf is the number “149” in a 17th/18th-century hand and the start of a name(?) “Goo” (perhaps the beginning of Goodwin - see Provenance), and on the same page are two titles in 18th-century hands.
Decoration: Initials supplied in red throughout;  line-fillers in red in the table of contents (a4r-b4r);  chapter headings have paragraph marks and line-fillers in red.
Imperfections: Wanting the blank leaf a1, and leaf 11/1 (the missing text supplied in manuscript facsimile on an inserted leaf).

Manuscript annotation in Anonymous: Godefrey of Boloyne