Assertiveness- Bitesize


This 60 minute bitesize is aimed at helping colleagues, across all areas of the University, to develop an appreciation of what it means to communicate more assertively and how adopting a more confident and assertive style could benefit them and those around them. The course offers insight and guidance aimed at those in line management conversations but also peer to peer exchanges.

The session will help you understand and distinguish between assertive and other, less effective and constructive types of behaviour and communication.  Participants will also be encouraged to reflect on their own natural style, how this compares to some of the approaches explored, and what some steps might be to communicate in a more effective way.


We ask participants to:

  • Reflect on some questions around their own styles of communication (5 – 7 minutes)
  • Read some materials on the ways in which we can communicate more clearly, confidently and assertively (10 - 12 minutes)

Session Approach

The session is delivered using Mentimeter. Participants will need access to a connected device with a web browser. 

The first part is mostly presentation, with participants being asked to interact through answering some questions online. In the second part participants will be given an opportunity to collaborate in small discussion groups.

This session can be delivered online for up to 50 participants or face-to-face for up to 40 participants.


As well as the content covered, participants will be provided with a copy of the session materials and (anonymous) inputs which gives them:

  • A reminder of the differences between passive, aggressive and assertive communication styles
  • A breakdown of what it means to communicate in an assertive way
  • Copy of a transcript of an assertive exchange
  • A set of suggestions for more confident and assertive communication

Bitesize courses are typically delivered online and for larger groups than our face-to-face or longer courses.  We may, on request, be able to offer these specifically for inclusion as part of team building activities such as away days.

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