How long does the probation period last for?

The probation period lasts for a minimum of 6 months from the date of appointment but may be extended in exceptional circumstances. Extensions would typically go beyond a further 3 months, making the probation period a maximum of 9 months.

When should probation meetings take place?

Throughout any new employee's probation period, performance and development should be regularly discussed. Formal meetings should consist of the following structure: Induction Meeting, First Review Meeting (2 Months), Second Review Meeting (3 - 4 Months), Final Review Meeting (Month 6 - in advance of probation end date).

Where can I note the formal probation meetings?

The Form - Probation Review should be used by managers as a guide and record of the discussion at all formal meetings. The form should note the agreed objectives, performance standards, training needs and any support/adjustments required. The form should be retained by Managers for reference and updating throughout the formal probation meetings.

How do I confirm employee as having successfully completed their probation period?

Where satisfactory performance is demonstrated throughout the probation period, managers should hold a final review meeting in the normal way and record the outcome on the Form – Probation Review. The form should then be returned to the appropriate local HR Team who will confirm the employee's successful probation. Following confirmation the employee will be notified via email that they have successfully completed their probation period.

My employee has not been successful in their probation period, what is the next step?

The employee should be invited to a more structured final review meeting and should be made aware that dismissal is a possible outcome of the meeting. HR advice should be sought in such circumstances and an HR Adviser should be present at the meeting. Appropriate template documentation is also available from HR.