Guidance Notes for the application process for a proposal of Honorary, Visiting & Affiliate Status

Scope and Applicability

This procedure formalises existing working practices for registration of individuals who are not members of University staff. The information is required to keep consistent records and provide a University ID card. It also ensures that access to corporate IT and electronic facilities are controlled in a manner compliant with the University's license agreements. Please note that Schools/RI's/Services are responsible for obtaining Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG) clearance, if required, for the role.

For the purposes of the procedure, the categories are:

  • Honorary/Visiting status should be applied to traditional honorary/visiting roles as defined by Colleges. Please Note: Honorary or Visiting Professors/Readers are subject to the University procedure as detailed on the Human Resources website and will be created on University records as part of that process.
  • Affiliate status is for: 
    • a. Staff from other institutions who are members of shared Schools/RI's/Services. 
    • b. Consultants/Agency Workers or Sub-contractors/Volunteers.

How to Apply

  1. For Honorary, Visiting & Affiliate status, the applicant should complete the Registration form which can be found at Honorary/Visiting/Affiliate Status Registration Form on the Human Resources website.
  2. Please note that the use of the standard University form is mandatory.
  3. For standard Honorary or Visiting status, the Head of School/RI/Service should forward the completed application form to the Head of College. This will then be considered by the College Management Group.
  4. For Affiliate status, the form should be authorised by the Head of School/RI/Service.
  5. Please note, the application procedure and form is different for Honorary and Affiliate status in the College of MVLS and applicants should look at the College web pages for more details.
  6. The Head of School/RI/Service may sign on behalf of the applicant to cover situations where the individual is not available. Please note, when signing the form on behalf of the applicant, the Head of School/RI /Service is taking full responsibility for ensuring the applicant abides by the applicable University Regulations.
  7. For Affiliate Status appointments of less than one month duration and where access to IT facilities are required, please contact your IT Manager or IT Services for a Guest Wireless Account.
  8. Records may be extended by notifying the School/RI/Service of the revised end date. The School/RI/Service will close records which reach the end date without further notification. Data to manage this is available on the HR BiQuery model to authorised School/RI/Service staff. 
  9. If an individual leaves before the end date, the School/RI/Service must end the record and permissions related to the role.

What Happens Next?

Details of the Honorary, Visiting or Affiliate status are passed to IT Services overnight. Requests for specific IT services for each individual can be made by the School/Service line manager/administrator on IT Helpdesk, quoting the HR system person number and the specific services required (e.g. SSD, Email, etc).

Updated 29 July 2013 (Corporate HR)