Definition of Honorary, Visiting & Personal Professorship Status

Scope and applicability

Glasgow University has benefited greatly from the input of many distinguished Visiting and Honorary Professors. Honorary or Visiting Professorships can be conferred on individuals whose academic contribution to the University is at an appropriate level to justify such an award. Colleagues are reminded that Visiting Professorships are awarded to those who already hold a Chair (or equivalent) in another Higher Education Institution. Those of appropriate standing in other backgrounds (e.g. industry, public office) will be appointed as Honorary Professors. Appointment will normally be for 5 years, in the first instance, but shorter periods may be requested in special circumstances. More details and the application procedure are detailed below. Please note, Schools/RIs/Services are responsible for conducting relevant ID/Visa checks and obtaining Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG) clearance, if required for the role.

Honorary Professorships

  1. Those appointed to Honorary Professorships will not normally be career academics, nor will they hold honorary or part-time appointments in higher education. The expectation is that individuals appointed as Honorary Professors will be working in the NHS or active in the sectors of industry, business and commerce, the arts, public administration or the practice of law and accountancy, where their contribution will present a clear benefit to students and staff within the University.
  2. The duration of an Honorary Professorship will normally be 5 years or such lesser period determined by the duration of the Honorary Professor's office outside the University.
  3. Honorary Professors will be expected to have a significant presence within the University, for example, by delivering lectures, conducting seminars, and participating in discussions.
  4. Exceptionally, Principals of Associated Institutions, by virtue of their office, will be recommended for Honorary Professorships for the duration of their Principal-ship if they are not career academics.
  5. The current arrangements applying to Professorships in the Glasgow School of Art remain unchanged and are detailed below.

Visiting Professorships

  1. Nominees to a Visiting Professorship will normally come from a higher education or research environment and hold a comparable status at their home institution.
  2. The duration of the visit to this University should normally be for a period of not less than one term.
  3. The expectation is that Visiting Professors, in the same way as Honorary Professors, will maintain a significant presence in the University, delivering lectures and seminars and collaborating in research activities.

Personal/Honorary Professorships (Glasgow School of Art)

  1. Personal/Honorary Professorship status should be applied to an individual nominated in accordance with the criteria given in the Glasgow School of Art: An Associated Institution procedures, which can be found at GSA Honorary.

How To Apply

  1. A nomination to appoint an Honorary or Visiting Professor should be forwarded by the relevant Head of School/RI/Service to the VP/Head of College for approval by the College Senior Management Group. The nomination should include a CV plus a letter of support stating the contribution that the person will make to the activities of the School/RI/Service. 
  2. If approved, the VP/Head of College will obtain the opinions of two Senate Assessors.
  3. If approval is gained, the VP/Head of College will forward the paperwork supporting the nomination to the Principal for final approval with a copy to the Performance, Pay & Reward Team. 
  4. If the Principal approves the nomination, his office will notify the VP/Head of College and the Performance, Pay & Reward Team. Formal notification will be sent from the Performance, Pay & Reward Team to the individual, and will be copied to the VP/Head of College and Head of School/RI/Service.
  5. Reappointment of Honorary/Visiting Professors should follow the same procedure as above.
  6. Where the Honorary/Visiting professor is not reappointed their record will automatically end and their IT/Staff card access will be revoked with effect from the end date in the system.

What Happens Next?

Details of the Honorary or Visiting status are passed to IT Services overnight. Requests for specific IT services for each individual can be made by the School/Service line manager/administrator on IT Helpdesk, quoting the HR system person number and the specific services required (e.g. SSD, Email, etc).

Updated 30 June 2015 (PPR Team)