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What is the Glasgow Professional... is a philosophy…an ethos…an identity

The University’s strategy (Inspiring People – Changing the World 2015-2020) places people at the very heart of its ambition to be a world-class, world-changing University and focuses on transforming the way we work and the way we interact with each other, our students and our partners.

The Glasgow Professional is a philosophy…an ethos…an identity which complements our strategy.

It is a philosophy: defining the principles of what it means to be a professional services member of staff; a philosophy which affirms the way professional services staff demonstrate our core values.

It is an ethos: defining the characteristics which make up our collective attitudes and aspirations. It defines our drive to work together to improve, to innovate, to challenge, to inspire.

It is an identity: shaping how we connect, collaborate and share. It is an identity which garners respect from our peers and which sees our successes and achievements being recognised, valued and celebrated.