Introduction to Performance Development Review

Performance Development Review (PDR) provides the opportunity for all staff and their line manager to reflect upon performance and development in the last year and agree objectives and development plans for the forthcoming year.

For those who are new to the PDR process, this course explains the benefits of PDR to the individual and the organisation and provides an overview of the key elements of the process. A successful PDR depends upon both reviewer and reviewee understanding the process and being fully prepared. 

Accessing the course

Click on the link below to take you to the University's Moodle site and log in using your existing GUID and password. You will be asked for an enrolment key which is intropdr2

There is an audio version and a text only version, which you choose once you are logged in. The audio version should take around 40 minutes to complete. The text version will depend on your reading speed.

Introduction to Performance Development Review