Public Holidays 2011

New Year's Day (in lieu of 1 Jan) Monday 3rd January 2011
2nd January (in lieu of 2 Jan) Tuesday 4th January 2011
Good Friday Friday 22nd April 2011
Easter Monday Monday 25th April 2011
May Day Monday 2nd May 2011
Queen's Birthday Monday 30th May 2011
Glasgow Fair Monday Monday 18th July 2011
Christmas Day (in lieu of 25 Dec) Monday 26th December 2011
Boxing Day (in lieu of 26 Dec) Tuesday 27th December 2011

The undernoted are recognised as days the University is closed in relation to Administrative staff (excluding Academic Related Library staff) and Non-Academic staff (excluding Non-Academic staff on Library Assistant conditions of service employed in the University Library):  

Wednesday 28th December 2011
Thursday 29th December 2011
Friday 30th December 2011

Holiday for Royal Wedding

The University has announced that most of the Institution will be closed on Friday 29 April, the day of the Royal Wedding, which the Scottish Government has declared a (non-statutory) bank holiday.  The summer examination arrangements were in place before the announcement was made and need to continue on the 29th. Minimum services will be available on campus on that day: only staff who are required for examinations and their support will be required to work on the 29th. Arrangements are being made to keep the number of rooms/buildings open for examinations to the minimum, and there will be a need for student access to library and the associated catering operations to be available.  Invigilation and academic support arrangements are being finalised by the Registry and the Colleges.

For all other staff, the day is an additional day's holiday.

For staff who need to work on the 29th, another day may be taken as holiday subject to the usual operational requirements:  pay for time worked on the 29th will be at plain time.  These arrangements have been consulted upon with the relevant trade unions.