What time off has been allocated following the death of the Queen?

Monday 19th September has been designated as a public holiday and the University will be closed on this day. 

Colleagues will be allocated this day as an additional public holiday for leave purposes. The HR system will recalculate leave in the normal way.  

I’m not scheduled to work on that day, what time off will I receive?

Those who are not scheduled to work on this day will received an appropriate credit to their leave balance in order to schedule alternative time off. 

For hourly-paid/irregular hours staff (i.e. those who process their working hours via timesheets), the system will credit additional holiday pay accordingly when timesheets are processed. 

I am required to work on that day, will I receive alternative time off?

Yes. If you are required to work on the designated date then you should agree another appropriate and equivalent time off via your line manager. 

I don’t want to take the day off, what can I do?

The additional day has been designated as a public holiday and thus will operate in the same way as existing public holidays. Limited services will continue to be delivered and line managers will manage and resource this as required. 

I'm hourly-paid and my scheduled work on Monday 19th September was cancelled, what does this mean for my pay?

The University recognises the potential impacts on groups such as our hourly paid colleagues. As a gesture of goodwill for hourly paid employees the University will honour payment for any work which was confirmed and then cancelled as a result of the additional public holiday on Monday 19th September 2022. Colleagues should therefore claim for such hours in the normal way with manager approval. This will only apply where hours have not been or cannot be rescheduled.