Appendix I - Adopting a Child from Overseas

This section details the member of staff’s obligations and rights when adopting a child from overseas.  The terms and conditions relating to the adoption of a child/children from overseas mirror the conditions and rights applied when adopting a child from within the UK (as outlined in the attached policy), with the exception of the provisions specified below.

Qualifying period

Members of staff with 52 weeks’ continuous service: Members of staff who have been continuously employed with the University for a minimum period of 52 weeks prior to the week in which they have received ‘Official Notification’* regarding the adoption of a child, qualify for the University Adoption Leave Scheme.

Members of staff with a minimum of 26 weeks' (but less than 52 weeks’) continuous service: Members of staff who have been employed continuously with the University for 26 weeks (but less than 52 weeks) prior to the week in which ‘Official Notification’* is received (or from the day the member of staff commenced employment with the University) qualify for the Statutory Adoption Leave Scheme.

*Official Notification is notification in writing from the relevant domestic authority (usually the Department of Health) that it is prepared to issue a certificate to the overseas authority concerned with the adoption of the child, or has issued a certificate and sent it to that authority, confirming, in either case, that the adopter is eligible to adopt and has been assessed and approved as being a suitable adoptive parent.

Notification Process

The member of staff must:

  • notify their line manager in writing of both the date the official notification was received and the date the child is expected to enter Great Britain within 28 days of receipt of the official notification or on completion of 26 weeks' continuous service with their employer.  A copy of the official notification should be forwarded to the relevant College/University Services HR team as soon as possible; 
  • give their line manager 28 days’ written notification of the chosen start date of the adoption leave.  This notification should include a declaration that they have elected to receive Adoption Pay rather than Paternity Pay in respect of the adoption.  It should also state, where they meet the qualification criteria, which of the University’s Adoption Leave Schemes (either Option A or B) that they wish to take;
  • notify their line manager in writing of the actual date that the child enters Great Britain within 28 days of the date of entry, and provide evidence of this date in the form of a plane ticket or copies of entry clearance documents which will then be forwarded to the relevant College/University Service HR team.

On having been notified of the request for adoption leave, College/University Services HR will write out to the member of staff to confirm the leave and pay arrangements.  The adoption leave entitlement will be calculated from the date of cessation of work.

Commencement of adoption leave

Adoption leave can start on the day on which the child enters Great Britain or on a chosen date no later than 28 days after the child enters Great Britain.  All other conditions relating to the commencement of adoption leave remain the same.

Additional information

Adoption leave cannot be used to cover periods of time spent traveling overseas to arrange the adoption or to visit a child.