How does Academic Probation work? - Checklist

How does Academic Probation work? - Checklist

1. Appointing Committee decide on length of Academic Probation given the experience of the successful candidate.

2. The Head of School/DRI decides whether exemptions may be appropriate for the PgCAP in conjunction with the Director of the Learning and Teaching Centre.

3. HoS/DRI decides on an appropriate Mentor and ensure they understand their role.

4. HoS/DRI agrees the objectives with the probationer within 3 months of the probationer's start date.

5. HoS/DRI forwards the signed forms to the Performance, Pay and Reward team at within 3 month's of the the probationer's start date.

6. The Performance, Pay and Reward team process the objectives and submit to the next New Lecturer and Teacher Development Group (NLTDG) meeting.

7. HoS/DRI ensures regular meetings with the probationer to advise of progress.

8. Once the objectives have been signed off by the NLTDG, the probationer should start working towards the first year of probation.

9. Appropriate yearly reports for each year should be sent to the Performance, Pay and Reward team on the anniversary of employment. These should be completed by the HoS/DRI and agreed by the Probationer as well as the Mentor.

10. On the final year of their probation, the probationer should submit their year 3 report with a current CV for final review and sign off by the NLTDG.

11. Please note: Academic Probation cannot be fully signed off until the completion of the PgCAP is confirmed.