There are four parts to the Health, Safety and Wellbeing E-Induction. Please read through all three topics before taking the quiz. (Further pages linked to from these E-Induction pages are for additional information only, you don't have to read every one!)

  1. Read about Safety and Environmental Protection Service (SEPS)
  2. Read about Occupational Health
  3. Read about Radiation Protection
  4. Take the Moodle Quiz:
    • Log in with your GUID and password
    • Select Health, Safety & Wellbeing E-Induction Quiz
    • You will be asked for an enrolment key: type "safety" (all lower case)
    • Once you are in the Moodle site, click on Health, Safety & Wellbeing E-Induction Quiz to start the quiz

If you encounter any problems please contact Debbie Beales.