University Restructure - Reference Page

University Restructure - Reference Page

This page will list links to various pages or forms that have been updated to reflect the University restructure taking place.


Please find below a list of useful links:

New Cost centre Information - links to the cost centre page held on the Agresso website. Contains examples of the cost centres, including spreadsheets listing the School/Research Institute Values, Subject Values and Cost Classification values

Cost Centre List - as held on the MyGlasgow reference page

Finance Restructure Information - communication from the Finance Office

University Restructure - Additional Level of Approval - e-mail to Agresso users regarding requisition approval ranges 

Restructure of the University - link to the Restructure Index on the MyGlasgow website

Any changes to process on Agresso will be communicated to all staff concerned.

We appreciate that there may be questions resulting from the University restructure and in the first instance, staff should contact the addresses below: for any Agresso related questions for any questions regarding the college, school, subject formations for any other questions regarding the restructure

For any questions regarding the financial year end, then please e-mail Hazel Tollan ( )

The following forms have been updated as a result of the restructure: