CMIS Access Application

CMIS Access Application

Apply for Access to CMIS 

CMIS Access Application Form

CMIS Access Application Process

The CMIS Launcher can be downloaded from the IT Services webpage

Guidance for Users

User Management

Due to the licence limits and the need to ensure adequate support for all users, if approving access for a new user Authorisers will be asked to review the current user list and identify staff who no longer require access.

On an annual basis SMTT in conjunction with named Authorisers will review all user access to identify any staff who no longer need to use CMIS (e.g. due to a change in their role or staff movement).


All access for College staff – approved by Heads of Academic & Student Administration
All access for School or Research Institute staff  - approved by Head of School/Research Institute Administration
All access for University Services staff  - approved by Head of Service
All access for NHS staff – approved by John Harris (

New Users 

Complete the application form indicating the access required. Email this to the relevant Authoriser (see above).  
The request for access will be reviewed by the Authoriser to confirm your access requirements are relevant to your job role.  The Authoriser should submit the approved form to the Space Management and Timetabling Team (SMTT) to be processed.

SMTT will check the form is completed correctly and required training has been undertaken.  Access permissions will not be created until training has been completed.

Once the application has been processed you will receive a confirmation e-mail, including relevant instructions to install and access CMIS.

Access Application Form: Process

  1. User completes the application form.
  2. User emails form to Authoriser for approval (see Guidance for Users).
  3. Authoriser approves (or refuses) access, records this on the form and forwards to Space Management and Timetabling Team (SMTT)    
  4. Where approval is refused the Authoriser communicates this to the applicant.
  5. SMTT checks that the form is completed correctly and required training has been undertaken or scheduled.
  6. SMTT will create the required access once the checks are successfully completed and training has been undertaken.
  7. SMTT forwards application to ITS via Supportworks.
  8. ITS updated User Registration System, creates access to Timetable Manager and Terminal Server, as appropriate.
  9. Applicant notified when access has been fully set up by updating support call.