Student Society Meetings

Student Society Meetings

No Eating or drinking is permitted in Central space

SRC Affiliated Societies – Can book centrally timetabled rooms from 1700hrs on weekday evenings. Information on open building hours can be found below. Bookings must be made by one of the society's registered booking contacts. All emails will be returned to the society's registered email address.

New Societies & Not-Yet Affiliated Societies - We can make one booking for you, for the purpose of holding a meeting to discuss affiliating. Further bookings will not be available until affiliation is confirmed by the SRC.

Open Buildings

The following buildings remain open into the evening (subject to the time of year) and they are available to book without charges for janitorial overtime:

Adam Smith Building, Semester 1 & 2 Teaching Weeks Only:
Mon-Thurs open until 2130hrs

St Andrews Building, Semester 1 & 2 Teaching Weeks Only:
Mon-Thurs open until 2130hrs

Boyd Orr Building, All Year (excluding Christmas Vacation & Public Holidays):
Mon-Thurs open until 2130hrs
Fri open until 2030hrs

Please note : The use of any other University buildings, or these buildings out with the times above, will incur janitorial overtime charges and potentially other costs.

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All bookings must comply with the University's Accessible Events Policy. Please familiarise yourself with the policy using the links below and tick to indicate you understand your responsibilities.

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The University charges a Venue Hire fee for certain types of event, under the supervision of the Conference and Visitor Services Office. Please complete the following questions regarding your planned event and advise us as soon as possible should the details of your booking change.

If you have answered 'Yes' to any of the above questions, please provide a full description of your event in the box below.


By submitting this form you are stating you have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions‌ of use. Future allocations may be reviewed if any of the conditions are breached.

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*For Videoconferencing, please contact AVIT, once your room is booked. For Class Recording, please contact Steven Jack at the IT Service Helpdesk, for assistance. At least 5 working days notice should be given to ensure support for your event. Further information on Echo 360 can be found here: Echo 360 Information