Subject Access Requests - How to Request Information About Yourself

Subject Access Requests - How to Request Information About Yourself

Under Article 15 of the General Data Protection Protection Regulation (GDPR) an individual has the right to access his/her personal information.  The following information is intended for those who seek access to personal data about themselves that is held by the University.

Please note that if your enquiry is concerned with general information (and not information personal to you), then a Request for Information under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act is appropriate.

Requesting information about yourself

Individuals can request their information by submitting a completed SAR Form (SAR) form. 

  • SAR forms should be completed by the individual and returned to the Data Protection Administrator.
  • If the individual wishes any specific documents to be located and/or areas of the University to be searched, this should be indicated clearly on the SAR form. 
  • The University will respond to a SAR within one calendar month of the required documents and fee being submitted. 
  • The University will inform the candidate if, for any reason, it is anticipated that the response to the SAR will be sent outwith the one calendar month timescale. 
  • All SARs will be treated in the strictest confidence and will only be processed by authorised University staff in relevant departments.
  • Only information which is considered to be personal data will be released under a SAR. The anonymity of other individuals or other information which is not considered to be personal data may be protected, as appropriate, by redaction or omission in accordance with the GDPR.

Requesting information on behalf of another individual

In order to request information on behalf of another individual, the University requires proof that you are acting with the authorisation of that individual.  Therefore, some additional information is required.

If you are acting on behalf of another individual a Subject Access Request Form - Agents must be completed. This must be submitted signed authorisation confirming the data subject’s consent to the agent acting on his/her behalf, and evidence of the identity of the data subject.

Requests for CCTV records

To request a search of CCTV records you must complete a CCTV SAR Form, and identification in the form of a recent, clear photograph.

Academic Assessment Information

Please note that academic departments are responsible for releasing information on assessment (including examination marks) to students.  Students should only need to submit a Subject Access Request to the Data Protection Office for assessment information if they require their personal file, relevant extracts from minutes of examiners' meetings, advice on data protection issues, or where more complex GDPR issues are evident.

If you are dissatisfied with the way in which the University has handled your request for personal information, please refer to the University's DPA Complaints Procedure.


All enquiries and comments should be made to the University's Data Protection Administrator.