Guidance for Students

What is personal data?

Personal data can be an image/picture, document, statement, or record in a filing system, from which you as an individual person can be identified, and where;

  • you are the focus of the document or record,
  • the information is particularly relevant to you,
  • the information includes significant biographical facts and opinions about you,
  • the information affects your privacy in your personal, educational, or professional life.

Examples of personal data include the contents of an individual student file, home phone number, assessment or marks, or email detailing personal activities.

The mere mention of your name in a document, for example as a record of attendance at an open meeting, is not enough to make the information in that document personal data about you.


What personal data do you hold on me?

  • In brief, the University will process or use personal data about you for academic, administrative, management, pastoral, and health and safety reasons.
  • The personal data section of the University Calendar describes in detail the reasons why and how the data about you as a student has to be collected, processed, and secured by the University.

How can I access information held on me?

  • Colleges and Schools are responsible for providing assessment information to students. Contact your College or School in the first instance if you require your academic or assessment information.
  • The University's Senate Office provides detailed guidance to Colleges and Schools on the management and retention of information and records relating to teaching material and assessment performance.
  • The GDPR provides a formal procedure, called the Subject Access Request, for an individual to request details of information about themselves that is held by the University.
  • It is University policy that Colleges and Schools are responsible for releasing information on assessment (including examination marks) to students.  Students should only need to submit a Subject Access Request to the Data Protection Office if they require their personal file, minutes of examiners' meetings, or advice on data protection issues, or where more complex GDPR issues are evident.
  • If you require a copy of your degree, a transcript, or a certifying letter relating to your studies for employment or any other reason, please contact Student Services for this information 
  • If you require advice or further assistance in accessing information held on you by the University, please contact the Data Protection and Freedom of Information Office.