Notification with the UK Information Commissioner

Notification with the UK Information Commissioner

Processing of personal data within, and by, the University is only legal when the processing is defined by the University's notification with the UK Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), the official regulator for the Data Protection Act 1998. All notifications for the University of Glasgow are processed via the University's Data Protection and Freedom of Information Office.

The University's current notification number is Z6723578.

The details of the University's current notification can be seen by searching the public register of data controllers maintained by the ICO.

The current notifications adequately cover the legitimate processing of personal data within the University. The notification, in conjunction with the University's procedures, takes into account the rules for processing both personal and sensitive personal data.

The University is a large, diverse organisation with many functions delegated to colleges and services. This results in the holding of sets of personal data within such areas. To ensure that the University's notification to the ICO is complete and accurate, it is necessary that all holders of personal data sets consult the University's Data Protection Office if they think their processing of a dataset may not be covered by the University's Notification. This is particularly important when

(a) personal data, perhaps as part of a research project, is transferred between the University and another organisation, or

(b) a research project involves the collection, analysis, and retention of sensitive personal data.

Under the previous Data Protection Act 1984, the notification process was called "registration". The University's principal registration number was G077603X.