Temporary disabilities

If you have broken bones or have been in an accident, you do not need to register with the Disability Service unless your injuries or impairment is permanent.

If you have a temporary disability you need to inform your School directly in case there is anything that will affect your academic work.

For additional examinations arrangements the School will need to seek the approval of the Clerk of Senate, Tel: +44 (0) 141 330 8744/3292.

You can contact the Registry if you need financial help with funding for taxis, you can apply for a University Crisis Loan, Tel: +44 (0) 141 330 4245

The Disability Service has a fleet of 8 mobility scooters to loan for getting around campus.

Contact Fleet Manager Sylvia Morgan, tel: +44 (0) 141 330 2260 or email: Sylvia.Morgan@glasgow.ac.uk.

The SRC dial a bus service is no longer in operation.