Emergencies Response: Guidance for Staff

Emergencies Response: Guidance for Staff

Critical contact numbers in the event of an emergency are:

Security Control

Gilmorehill Campus ext. 4444 (0141-330-4444)

Garscube Campus ext. 2222 (0141-330-2222)

Emergency Services

Fire Brigade 4444

Police 4444

Ambulance 4444

Accident & Emergency (South Glasgow University Hospital) (0141-201-1100)

Safety & Environmental Protection Servicesext 5532 (0141-330-5532)

Estates & Buildings

Helpline ext. 6000 (0141-330-6000)

General Office ext. 3577 (0141-330-3577)

If you become aware of an emergency situation, you should immediately phone 999 if necessary and then inform Security Control, saying:

    (a) where you are speaking from, your name, department and telephone number

    (b) the nature and exact location of the incident

    (c) how you have come to know about the emergency

    (d) information re any casualties, if known

    (e) any other relevant information

Security Control will assume immediate responsibility for the initial response to the situation, liaising with senior university staff and the emergency services.

On their arrival, the emergency services (police, fire, ambulance) will take control of the situation. The University will provide support services and facilities as required.