25 November: Registration open for asymptomatic Covid-19 testing

Issued: Wed, 25 Nov 2020 15:25:00 GMT

As previously communicated, we are offering a free test to all University of Glasgow and Glasgow School of Art undergraduate and postgraduate students who do not have Covid-19 symptoms and who intend on travelling over the holiday period.  

Testing is voluntary, but undertaking a test is recommended by the Scottish Government and will help identify asymptomatic cases of the virus. This will allow you to isolate if necessary before visiting others, and travel home in confidence and safety.  

The tests will be undertaken from 30 November until 11 December in the Hunter Halls and the Kelvin Gallery. Separate arrangements are being made for the Dumfries campus.  

Please see our webpages for more details and to book a test.

You can book a lateral flow test if all the following applies to you:  

  • you are a student at the University of Glasgow or Glasgow School of Art; 
  • you are planning to travel home for the holidays; 
  • you have not tested positive in the last 90 days; 
  • you do not currently have Covid-19 symptoms; 
  • you have not been identified as having been a close contact of someone who has tested positive for Covid-19. 

You will be asked to take two tests, three days apart. If both of these return a negative result, you will be allowed to travel. If either comes back positive, you will be asked to start isolating and book a confirmatory PCR test at a NHS walk-in centre.

When you book your tests, you will receive a location to attend and offered a choice of times, depending on availability. Initially, we are only opening tests for three days during the first half of test week, with more slots opening soon.

If you show symptoms of Covid-19 at any point please follow the guidance on NHS Inform and do not book a lateral flow test.   

This programme offers a lateral flow antigen test. This kind of test detects the coronavirus antigen produced when a person is infectious with coronavirus. These are quicker tests, that produce a result within 30 minutes and are not sent to a laboratory to be processed.  

There is further information about the asymptomatic testing process and FAQs on our Covid-19 webpages.  

Thank you for your efforts in continuing to keep us all safe and well. Please have an enjoyable holiday, and travel safely.