Quarantine support for international students

Help with quarantine costs


All students

To be eligible for a reimbursement:

  • you must first pay for and complete the period of stay in hotel quarantine. Your hotel quarantine may be anywhere in the UK and in line with government guidelines.
  • you must have completed academic and financial registration for academic year 2021/22
  • this must be your first arrival in the country to study with us

In normal circumstances a student would only be eligible for 1 quarantine reimbursement. Receiving a scholarship from the University of Glasgow does not affect your eligibility.

New students

The University will cover your quarantine costs of £2,285

Continuing students

The University will cover the quarantine costs for you if you are returning to Glasgow to continue:

  • an undergraduate or postgraduate research degree programme
  • a postgraduate taught degree programme which you began in academic year 2020/21 and is of more than 1 year in duration.

The University will not cover the quarantine costs if:

  • you travelled before August 1st 2021 and are claiming for retrospective reimbursement.
  • this is not your first arrival into the country to study with us eg. you are retuning from a visit home during the holidays

How to apply

  • An application form is available on our helpdesk: www.gla.ac.uk/help and search for "managed quarantine support"

You will be able to apply with this form until the end of January 2022.

Isolating in a hotel if you arrive in Scotland from a red list country

If you arrive in Scotland from a red list country, you’ll need to quarantine at a hotel in Scotland for 10 days (11 nights) as soon as you arrive

You must book the hotel you're going to isolate in before travelling to Scotland. You can only book your hotel through the quarantine hotel booking website. You cannot book a hotel through any other website.

Travelling to England from a red list country, before travelling on to Scotland

If you fly from abroad to an airport in England, you must quarantine in a hotel in England if you have travelled through a red list country during the 10 days before you arrive in England.

To get help booking hotels in England, use the quarantine hotel booking service.

If you are travelling on to Scotland after isolating in a hotel for 10 days in England, you will not need to isolate for a second time in Scotland.

Your payment

We strongly recommend that you open a UK bank account when you arrive in the UK. If you would like your reimbursement paid to your UK bank account, you should add your account details to your Financial Aid Account in My Student Center.

Reimbursements paid to UK bank accounts take 2-3 weeks, whereas reimbursements paid to non-UK/international bank accounts can take 8-10 weeks.

If the UK government have authorised a deferred payment plan for your Managed Quarantine costs, you will still receive a reimbursement for the full amount from the University of Glasgow (if eligible) and you will be responsible for repaying the UK Government as per your instalment plan with them.