COVID safety guidance on campus

Alongside the physical changes you will see in our buildings, we have altered teaching delivery and timetables to make sure you can continue your studies in the safest possible way.

We recently launched the UofG Life app to make it easier to view your timetable, library space, book study space and access maps. 

To keep everyone safe, no matter what COVID-19 might bring, we are asking you to observe certain guidelines, which are informed by the latest government guidance for universities.

  • Please be considerate to others
  • Travel by foot, bike or private transport where you can
  • Please wear a face covering where physical distancing can't be guaranteed
  • Please avoid sitting or standing in circulation spaces, such as corridors or stairs
  • Please wash your hands regularly to avoid transmission
  • Please stay home if you're suffering from COVID-19 symptoms

Face coverings

Our guidance is that face coverings are required at all times and in all buildings on campus, including the Library and other teaching and study spaces, with the following exceptions: 

  • Individuals who are exempt from wearing a face covering for a medical reason;
  • Individuals who are working alone in offices;
  • Staff and students working in specialist facilities such as laboratories where a bespoke risk assessment has been undertaken.  

Students in our residences are not required to wear face coverings in the communal spaces within their household.  However, they should be worn in shared public spaces, such as stairwells.

Staff, students and visitors are also asked to wear face coverings in outdoor settings where they are likely to be in close proximity with others.

We are making two reusable face coverings available to every student and staff member. We ask everyone to treat others with kindness and respect; if an individual is not wearing a face covering, you should assume they have a medical reason for not doing so.

Households and social bubbles

The latest Scottish Government guidance requires physical distancing of 2-metres in all University buildings. The exception to this is in student residences, where the physical distancing rules do not apply among those in your ‘household’. 

It will be clear for residents in our accommodation which rooms are included in each household, along with which bathrooms and kitchen facilities are intended for their use. 

Members of the same household do not need to physically distance from each other but should stay 2m away from people from other households.

Regular hand washing and good cough and sneeze etiquette are crucial in reducing the risk of transmission and infection and face coverings should be worn in some parts of student accommodation where 2 metre distancing from people from another household cannot be guaranteed.

Staying safe at University

Social groups

Whilst we are doing everything we can to open social and sports facilities, current government restrictions limit the amount that we can offer at this point. 

Guidance published by the Scottish Government makes clear that anyone living in the City of Glasgow should not host people from other households, nor should they visit any other home, no matter where it is located. This guidance applies equally across all University of Glasgow student residences and it will be considered unacceptable for students not to follow this guidance. Whilst we want you to enjoy your new home, you may not hold house parties or other events in your household, to which people outside your household are invited.

You are still permitted to meet with other groups outdoors, provided you observe physical distancing. Current Scottish Government guidance currently permits outdoor gatherings of no more than 6 people, from a maximum of 2 households.

Quarantine and testing

If you are arriving in Glasgow from a country with which Scotland does not have a travel corridor arrangement or other exemptions in place, you will be asked to quarantine for 14 days after arrival.

  • Country exemptions [from COVID-19: public health measures at borders (international travel]

This applies to people travelling from a country of permanent residence and those returning from holiday. It also applies to people who have transited via a non-exempt country.

An initial supply of food will be supplied to people undergoing self-isolation on their arrival in a University residence. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do refer to the 'UofGLiving' webpages or social channels on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter as answers to many queries can be found there. Over and above that if you can’t find an answer then please don’t hesitate to get in touch at and we will respond to you as soon as possible.  

Any student and staff member who is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 should follow the guidance on the NHS Inform website.

If you are returning to Glasgow from a part of the UK which is currently under local lockdown restrictions, or where testing is being offered locally for people who do not have symptoms as part of the public health response arrangements, you will be required to quarantine for 14 days following your arrival in Glasgow.

Safety in the community

As a student at the University, you are not only a member of the student community but also the wider communities around our campuses, and part of the social and cultural fabric of the city. 

We ask everyone at UofG to show understanding of how their actions may impact on the local community, and respect the latest physical distancing and health and wellbeing guidelines.

No matter where you are living, everyone should observe the latest guidance, for example regarding social bubbles and observing physical distancing rules when meeting people from other households. When in the community, you should avoid crowded places, and face coverings should be worn in shops, on public transport and in enclosed public spaces.

Likewise, the same rules that apply to everyone around social gatherings also apply to student residences. Please do not hold large gatherings, and please respect the latest guidance around meeting people from other households.

Lastly, we appreciate that this can be an incredibly stressful time, so please rest assured that the University is here to help should you run into any difficulties. You're part of the #TeamUofG community and we will get through this challenging time together. 

  • MyGlasgow Students includes details of how to reach out to one of our support networks.