Are you getting married?

Are you getting married?

By happy arrangement between the Catholic Church and Glasgow University, the University Memorial Chapel is officially recognised as a Church for Catholic weddings and for the marriages of Catholics.
The University has two Chaplaincies; the main University Chaplaincy (tel. 330 5419) which takes bookings for the weddings for the University Chapel, and the Catholic Chaplaincy (tel 339 4315), which has a parish care for the Catholic Community at the University.

If you are a present member of the University community, (students, academic or ancilliary staff), the Catholic Chaplaincy, will provide marriage preparation for you and your fiance and officiate at your wedding (ie 'marry you').

The Catholic Chaplaincy can prepare and marry only Catholic present members of the University. If you are a Catholic graduate past member who are being married in the University Chapel, you should contact your local priest, that is the priest in the parish where you presently reside. He will prepare you for the Sacrament of Marriage and wMarriageill come to the University to marry you.

For the Priest who is marrying you: Upon your booking, the main University Chaplaincy will give you a form called "Marriage Celebrated in Glasgow University Memorial Chapel According to the Catholic Rite". You must give this to the priest who is preparing you for marriage and he should fill it in and return it to the Catholic Chaplaincy.

He will not need to apply for a "Dispensation from Canonical Form" form, since the Chapel is already been granted formal and official recognition by the Catholic Church. He will need delegation (authorisation) from the local parish priest at St. Peter's Church in Partick. The telephone number for St. Peter's is 0141 576-1378. If your parish is outside the Glasgow Archdiocese, the priest who is preparing you cannot send your marriage preparation forms (Prenuptial Inquiry forms) directly to us but must send them to his Bishop's office with Testimonial Letters and then they will send them to us.