Where do I look for work?

There are many sources of graduate vacancies, and we encourage you to use several different ones to find your preferred role.

Job boards

These are online platforms where employers can post jobs; many allow this free of charge which means that you will encounter sponsored adverts. Many cover a broad range of job types, levels of seniority and sectors, so it is best to take time to identify 3-5 sites that meet your criteria and set up job alerts (also adding filters) that pop into your inbox on a regularity that suits you, e.g., daily or weekly.

It is a good idea to keep a list of keywords that appear repeatedly in interesting job adverts and use them in various combinations to run more targeted searches.

National jobs boards

There are many job boards and below are a few examples relevant to graduates:

Scottish job boards

Recruitment agencies 

Recruitment agencies take some of the hard work out of finding a job and can offer a speedier route into employment and often recruit for jobs not advertised elsewhere - this is known as the hidden graduate job market. More information on Recruitment Agencies can be found on our finding vacancies page on our website.


Successful networking can open doors to jobs. Use platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn to find, connect with and start having conversations with the kinds of people you would like to get to know professionally. Make sure to personalise your messages and write a ‘genuine and memorable’ message that demonstrates that you value the person’s time and experience. Your aim with connections is to deepen your knowledge of the sector and companies you want to work in and not ask a contact for a job.

There are many articles on the benefits of networking that can help you be your best self either online or in person, including, '15 Essential Benefits of Networking' by Career Addict.

If you feel like your LinkedIn profile could be better, attend a Masterclass.