UK Courses

When choosing a course you need  to consider

  • How you want to study: full-time, part-time, distance learning, taught course or by research?
  • Where you want to study: Do you want to study in the same institution or do you want to experience university somewhere else?
  • If the course is accredited or recognised by the industry body of the profession you want to enter

Find out about Postgraduate Study at University of Glasgow.

Postgraduate study elsewhere in the UK:

Courses abroad

Studying abroad can be a life changing experience giving the opportunity to travel, learn about different cultures, meet new friends and enhance your CV.

Helpful resources:


A postgraduate course in another European country can offer considerable advantages, especially if you want to work in that country. The experience can also be very broadening and add additional skills, such as languages.

  • Euraxess UK allows you to search for UK and international funding. Funded studentships and fellowships in the UK and overseas are also advertised.
  • Ploteus contains information on studying in thirty countries.
  • Europa Pages is useful for language courses in France, Spain and Germany and English courses in the UK and Ireland.
  • Eurydice is an information network on education in Europe including database of all national education systems, with HE details.


Australia offers many advantages for further study including a University system which is similar to the UK, meaning that British degrees are readily understood by Australian institutions.

  • Study in Australia is a website for advice on study in Australia. It has extensive information on types of courses available, study costs, scholarships, student visas.
  • Studying in Australia has information on 10 of Australia's universities, including scholarships.
  • Australian government provides advice on studying in Australia


  • Fulbright promotes student exchange between the UK and the US and has lots of resources about study in the USA. The prestigious Fulbright Awards for Postgraduate Study in the US and lists of other specific awards for UK students, including the BEST Scholarships (BUNAC Educational Scholarship Trust).
  • EducationUSA is the US government's portal for international students. It includes information on undergraduate and postgraduate study, short-term study and opportunities for scholars and funding.
  • Online Graduate Programs provides information about online graduate education. Peterson's information to help you to choose colleges and courses, and includes the International Scholarship Search database for possible sources of finance.

You can also check the following sites, which have information on funding study in the USA: