Employers regard good quality voluntary experience just as highly as experience from paid positions. Even more so in some cases – producing quality work in your spare time and for a good cause demonstrates your personality and passion, over and above the technical skills required.

Finding a volunteering position

Speculative Approach

If you wish to help at a particular organisation, there is no better way than the direct approach.

Simply ask in person at your local branch or check their website for the voluntary opportunities available.

The Internship Hub

Our Internship Hub facilitates a wide range of voluntary internships with registered charities throughout the year.

The SRC Student Volunteer Support Service

The SRC’s Student Volunteer Support Service (SVSS) is the first port of call for University of Glasgow students interested in volunteering. SVSS supports many the most popular volunteering schemes amongst students.

Volunteering abroad

Thinking of volunteering abroad? View our guidelines before making a decision to get involved.

Third party organisations

If none of the schemes offered through SVSS are right for you, there are plenty of alternatives available looking further afield. The following websites are reputable third party organisations who can help find the right opportunity for you: