Part Time Jobs

A part time job can be an excellent way to help you to develop transferable skills sought by employers. With around 65,000 students in the city, competition for roles can be high so you may want to look outside the immediate West End area and explore other areas, which are within commuting distance.

How many hours can I work?

If you are a UK or EU student, there are no restrictions on the number of hours you can work alongside your studies, but be sure to strive for a manageable balance with your academic work.

If you are a student from outside the EU, you can work for a maximum of 20 hours per week during term time and up to 40 hours per week during vacations (visa allowing).

For more information on working during your studies as an international student, review information on working in the UK from international student support.

Where to look

There are also many other recruitment websites listing part-times jobs, from structured office work to more temporary and casual work opportunites. These include indeed and Gumtree. Always do your due diligence in researching an organsation and an opportunity before applying.