Careers Masterclasses

These online sessions (lasting either 30 or 60 minutes) can help you to get started with careers planning and applications.

  • Masterclasses are not recorded and slides will only be issued to those who have attended the session.
  • You will join the Masterclass from the event page on Glasgow Careers, the Masterclass will become live at the exact start time, don't try and join before then.

Scroll through the calendar below to find a Masterclass you wish to attend, click on the title to be directed to the sign-up page. Masterclasses will be added throughout the year so keep a regular eye on this page.

For further detail on what the Masterclasses will cover, check out the session titles below the calendar.

Application Forms

Application forms are usually used by employers in the first stage of the selection process and designed to collect specific information on candidates. Make your applications more effective by attending this Masterclass to learn:

  • What employers are looking for
  • Different types of questions
  • Techniques to use for effective answers, including the STAR approach to competency questions

Applying for a Masters

I'm thinking about continuing my studies. All your questions answered in this Masterclass.

I'm thinking about continuing my studies. Where are courses advertised? Can I get funding? How do I get accepted? All your questions answered in this Masterclass.

Applying for a PhD

Gain an insight into the process of applying for a PhD and consider your reasons for applying. The session will cover:

  • Learn where to find PhD vacancies
  • How to make PhD applications
  • Prepare for PhD interviews

Assessment Centres

Assessment centres are commonly used across student and graduate recruitment. Attend this session to learn;

  • Why employers use assessment centres
  • The types of activities they might involve
  • How to prepare
  • How employers assess at assessment centres

Cover Letters

A good cover letter can be the difference in your CV being shortlisted or not. Attend this Masterclass to learn;

  • What cover letters are
  • When to use them
  • How to write one that will get your CV noticed


Your CV is often the first stage of a selection process and can therefore be the most competitive. Attend this session to learn how to write a CV that will get you noticed. This will include;

  • The essential requirements of a CV
  • Learning how recruiters shortlist
  • Why tailoring is important and how to do this effectively

Finding part-time work

A part-time job is a great way to earn money, gain transferable skills and have confidence in the workplace. Here's how to get one:

  1. Identify where the part-time jobs are
  2. Plan your application
  3. Write and submit
  4. How to follow up professionally.

This Masterclass will help you learn more about this process.

Getting Started

Feeling clueless about what to do after university? You are not alone! Attend this Masterclass for;

  • Ways to think more effectively about yourself and career planning
  • How to generate and explore ideas for your next steps
  • Ways to take more control and feel more confident about your future 

Graduate Job Searching

Learn how to look for a graduate job using the following strategies:

  • Vacancy search
  • Networking
  • Recruitment agencies
  • Speculative approaches


Employers increasingly value internships or additional experiences when recruiting graduates. Attend this session to learn;

  • What are your options
  • What’s the difference between internships, placements, work experience?
  • How to find opportunities

Job Interviews

You’ve impressed an employer with your application and they now want to meet you. Attend this Masterclass to prepare for;

  • Different types of interview
  • Pre-recorded, online and face-to face interviews
  • Handling difficult interview questions



Got LinkedIn but not sure how it can help you?  Or maybe you’ve heard about it and aren’t sure if its worth creating a profile.

Attend this Masterclass to learn more about LinkedIn and how it can help you. Learn how to;

  • Develop a strong LinkedIn profile
  • Use it to research or identify potential career ideas
  • Identify potential employers
  • Connect with others and expand your network

and other LinkedIn functionality.

Selection Tests

Gain an insight into how, why and when employers use psychometric tests in the selection process. Get tips on how to effectively prepare to perform well in all types of tests used by recruiters. Find out about recources you can use to prepare for the tests.