Technology Fair 2021

Wednesday 6 October, 1100-1500, Online

Are you looking for a graduate job or internship? Get an insight into the different organisations you could work for and find out about the opportunities they have.  

Book now and reserve your place at the fair.

At the fair you can: 

  • meet friends at the virtual Student Lounge and plan your visit  
  • grab the virtual elevator and attend a CV & Cover Letters Masterclass
  • get inspired at the Big Brave talk

This event will be hosted on Remo, check it out 

We will guide you through your virtual experience, to ensure you get the most out of your visit. Book now and reserve your place at the fair. You will be sent joining instructions and links via email the day before the fair, once you have booked.


Technology Fair 2021

Exhibitors, 1100 - 1500

Technology Fair, 1100 - 1500


  • AquaQ Analytics - Floor 1
  • Arista Networks Ireland - Floor 1
  • Barclays - Floor 1
  • CAPCO - Floor 1
  • Capgemini - Floor 2
  • Computacenter UK Ltd - Floor 2
  • FDM Group - Floor 1
  • FreeAgent - Floor 1
  • Infinity Works - Floor 2
  • Infosys Limited - Floor 2
  • Man Group - Floor 1
  • MathWorks - Floor 2
  • MI5, MI6 & GCHQ - Floor 2
  • NatWest Group - Floor 2
  • nucleargraduates - Floor 1
  • PA Consulting - Floor 1
  • University of Glasgow - Floor 2

New recruiters will book right up to the event.

Live Talks, 1100 & 1300

Masterclass in CV & Cover Letters, 1100 - 1200

Join a Careers Manager and learn how to prepare CV and Cover Letters.

This event will take place on REMO.

Register to take part! Further details will be emailed to you 1 day before the event. 


UofG Alumni - Bust the myths: technology careers with an arts degree, 1300 - 1400

"We know what we are but know not what we may be." (Hamlet)

Thinking about your future might provoke similar thoughts - you know your interests and strengths but maybe not how this all fits into a future career.

Steven Osprey, Microsoft Solutions Director at TSG, felt the same. He studied two years of a computing science degree but realised his passion was in fact English Literature. Steven went on to graduate from UofG in 2006 with an MA (Hons) English Literature.

Find out in our Q&A with Steven how he discovered his English Literature degree was a perfect match for a career in the technology sector. Naturally curious and excellent with words, he found tech wasn’t just for techies.

This event will take place on REMO.

Register to take part! Further details will be emailed to you 1 day before the event.

The Big Brave with Stewart Whiting, Co-Founder and CIO, Current Health, 1500 - 1600

The Big Brave

Find Your Career Inspiration

Q&A with Co-Founder and CIO, Current Health, Stewart Whiting 

Time: 1500 - 1600

Are you looking for career inspiration or hoping to build your confidence before you start applying for jobs? Well, we have invited alumnus Co-Founder and CIO, Current Health, Stewart Whiting to chat honestly about her career and help inspire you.

Introducing Co-Founder and CIO, Current Health, Stewart Whiting

Stewart is the Co-founder at Current Health - a world-leading UK-USA high-growth start-up at the intersection of improving healthcare, wearable medical devices, hardware and software engineering, clinical data science, big data and AI.

Stewart is an alumnus of the University of Glasgow, graduating in 2010 with a BSc, PhD in 2015 and he is also one of our World Changing Alumni Award finalists. We look forward to chatting with Stewart about his career journey to creating a world leading health start-up. We will chat with Stewart about his career and explore topics such as resilience, and confidence.

This event is open to any UofG student and is your opportunity to hear about different career paths in a comfortable and casual environment. All you need to do is log in from home, prepare your questions and get ready to have an interesting conversation with our brave speaker.

Register here to book your space. Further details will be emailed to you 1 day before the event.


Student Guidelines

Technology Fair 2021

Student Guidelines - Attending a UofG Careers Fair

Find out how to get set-up and ready for the online fair.

1. You will need to register on Remo

Before the event, you will need to register on Remo for the Technology Fair.

Click, 'Save me a spot' then go to 'log in with University of Glasgow' using your GUID. You must use your student email address.

Technology Fair sign in

2. Now to set up your profile

Please click on your initials located in the top right-hand corner in the circle. Click on 'My profile' then 'Edit profile'.

  • In the 'headline' field add student
  • In the 'company' field, add UofG
  • Please ignore any fields that are not applicable

3. Before attending the event

Make sure you get your computer ready for the event.

  • Remo works on desktops and laptops
  • Tablets are not supported at this time and you do not get the full funcionality on mobiles
  • You will need to ensure you are using the right browser and the latest version (detailed in the above link)
  • Please check your camera and microphone work too

4. What's on at the fair

The fair will look very much like this, and there will be 2 floors.

Remo floorplan

At the fair you can visit the:

  • Quiet Waiting Area: Gather your thoughts in private and decide your next move.
  • Student Lounge: Meet your friends, plan your visit, then join employer tables together.
  • Exhibitors: Look at the 'Exhibitor List and Location' and decide who to meet and what floor they're on.
  • Live Talks: Check out the 'Live Talks' programme and see what's on.

You can click on the banners too, located around the event.

5. On the day

  • Join the event.
  • Please wait in the lobby to be admitted.
  • On arrival you will be seated at random on any floor. Your camera and microphone will be switched off so no one can see/hear you initially.
  • Check your screen isn't zoomed in and that you can view the whole fair. Zoom out if you can't.
  • Take a look at the 'Exhibitor List and Location' banner and decide who you would like to see and what floor they are on.
  • You can use the elevator on the left-hand side to locate the correct floor. It will look like this:

Remo floor guide

  • Once you deicde who you would like to visit, double click on a seat and join their table.
  • To join in the conversation, turn your camera and mic on. Alternatively yoiu can communicate via the chat facility. Discussions at your table will be in a small group environment (maximum 6 people), very similar to Zoom.

We hope you have a great day!

If you have any problems accessing the event, please email us.


We aim to ensure that people have equal access to public events. If you need alternative formats or other reasonable adjustments, please contact Jo MacDonald or call 0141 330 5647 with your request by close of business Friday 1 October, so that arrangements, where possible, can be made.