The Internship Hub

Students and Internship Hub LaunchThe Internship Hub is the first port of call for University of Glasgow students seeking an internship.

Whether your organisation is large or small we can provide the best and brightest students to meet your business needs.

Organisations have to fight to recruit the best staff. By identifying and offering short term projects that add value to your business, it can put you at a real advantage by:

  • Identifying future talent early
  • Hiring a motivated, proactive intern who will bring fresh ideas to your organisation

Our service

Our service is free, customer focused and includes:

Developing the internship

  • Assistance with developing a job description based on your requirements
  • Advertising the internship directly to students within the University
  • Management of the applications process
  • First stage shortlisting based on essential criteria set by you
  • Coordination of interview arrangements

Supporting the internship

  • Regular contact with the intern and employer throughout the internship
  • Advice to ensure that the opportunity brings maximum benefits to both the organisation and the student

Funding an internship

  • Each year we receive a limited allocation of funding to support SMEs who are able to offer good quality internships to our students
  • Funding is offered on a matched salary basis whereby the SME provides a 8-week, full time internship (part time options also available)

Employer guidelines

We require that all internships are with organisations:

  • Operating at registered work premises
  • Holding valid Employer’s Liability Insurance
  • Registered with Companies House (businesses) or
  • Registered with the Charities Commission (non-profit organisations)

What are the organisation's responsibilities during the internship?

  • Must pay the intern at least the National Minimum Wage (unless you are a registered charity).
  • Ensure that the intern has the right to work in the UK.
  • Define tangible outcomes for both the organisation and the student.
  • Ensure the intern is covered by your organisation's insurance policy (or public liability cover for voluntary organisations).
  • Provide the intern with a contract clearly stating basic terms and conditions of employment prior to the start of their internship.
  • Ensure the intern is treated as an employee during their internship.
  • Provide the intern with an induction on arrival including an overview of the internship objectives, introductions to key staff and information on health and safety.
  • Agree to provide feedback to the Internship Hub midway and towards the end of the internship.

Fulfilling essential business functions or duties that are core to your business is a job and not considered an internship. We do not advertise jobs through The Internship Hub, but all jobs can be posted free of charge on our vacancy database.


If you are a Registered Charity you may be looking for students to take on voluntary, project based roles. 

Voluntary internships must allow the student to develop their employability skills and further their career. They tend to be during term time for one day or two half days per week. It is expected that the intern should be reimbursed for out of pocket expenses.

Building an international business?

The University of Glasgow is a world leading university attracting high quality students from around the world. This international pool of talent is ready to help you develop your business overseas.

Recruiting an international student through the Internship Hub allows you to overcome language and cultural hurdles; putting you in a stronger position to take advantage of international markets.

Projects undertaken by international students have included:

  • establishing a social media profile in another language
  • translating and producing international material for your website
  • providing cultural understanding and insight for the development of international relations
  • assisting with the development of international business plans

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