Useful Information

Where to Start

Navigating the university, building a brand, dealing with different university timelines, structures and terminology can be challenging.

We are here to help you, whether you are a large employer looking for greater engagement or a small business considering your first undergraduate or postgraduate hire.

If you are interested in recruiting talent from the University of Glasgow, please get in touch to discuss your options.

Contact the Business Relations Team / 0141 330 5647

Linking with the Wider University

The university is a large, complex organisation and there are many ways to build up links with different parts, whether that is a specific academic department or a student society.

Many courses are interested in enhancing the student learning experience by adding first hand insight from companies to curriculum delivery. Support of this nature provides a platform to engage directly with students and helps to build long term links that can improve future recruitment from the university.

If you wish to work with the wider university for recruitment purposes please email the Business Relations Team or call +44 (0) 141 330 5647.