Terms of use

When registering for Glasgow Careers, please complete all the fields for each vacancy advertised as this will ensure your advert is easily searchable and gains maximum exposure.

  • You will receive a confirmation email when your organisation is approved. This email allows you to set a login password.
  • Your vacancy will be reviewed by a member of our team before being published. We reserve the right to refuse to advertise a vacancy without reason, and we may edit your information to ensure maximum impact.
  • You will get an email confirmation once the vacancy has been published.

If you are unable to access Glasgow Careers, please contact the Careers Service.

Our Vacancies System is free to use for all legitimate employers, charities and placement organisations. However, your opportunity must meet some basic requirements:

1. UK based vacancies must:

  • Offer a salary; we will not advertise jobs based solely upon commission.
  • Comply with the UK National Minimum Wage:
    • All jobs and internships with companies must pay National Minimum Wage or above.
    • Charities may offer voluntary worker positions, but must specify a UK or Scottish Charity number.
  • Be open to both male and female students, unless the vacancy is exempt under the sex discrimination act.
  • Not discriminate in any other way unless this reflects a requirement of the job. For more information, see the UK Government website.
  • Specify the company or organisation offering the vacancy; recruitment agencies are free to place adverts on a clients’ behalf where the client is named.
  • Not offer work based in a private residence.

2. International vacancies should:

  • Comply with all relevant local employment and recruitment legislation.
  • Specify the company or organisation offering the vacancy; recruitment agencies are free to place adverts on a clients’ behalf where the client is named.
  • Where there is a fee, these vacancies will be reviewed on a case by case basis by the Careers & Global Opportunities team.

3. Organisations must not:

  • Advertise part time work exceeding 20 hours per week during term time.
  • Require employees to attend unpaid training sessions (job vacancies only).

4. Recruitment Agencies

The Careers Service deals with private agencies or third parties representing employers only where:

  • An employer has commissioned the agency to act on its behalf and the agency states which employer it represents, provides information about, and selects only for the named employer.
  • The Careers Service is satisfied that such representation is clearly in the interests of students and of the University.
  • The employer is named in the vacancy entry and details are made available to the student/graduate.
  • Salary information should be provided and should not be commission based/have a commission element.
  • The only web link we will include will be to the employer's own site.

Should you wish to use our shared vacancies service the above principles are applied in all University Careers Services and only vacancies that comply will be released to our websites.

Please also note:

  • Employers offering summer internships and summer work must be aware that students will resume their studies in September.
  • International students cannot work in a self-employed capacity under the terms of their employment.
  • We reserve the right to refuse these services at our discretion, and to alter these terms of service at any time.

For more information on recruitment and the law in the UK, see the UK Government website.