Personal Statements


  • Read the question carefully and pay attention to the wording, make sure you answer the question asked e.g. does it ask “How your work experience and education make you a suitable candidate for the job” or “‘Please use the space below to describe how your skills and achievements relate to the requirements of the post”.
  • What is the word count?  Pay attention as this is an indication of how much detail they require.
  • Re-read the job advert and pay attention to the person specification for the post. 


  • Use short, well-structured sentences and paragraphs.
  • Have a clear opening paragraph to set the scene for your statement and a strong conclusion, reiterating your suitability for the post and your enthusiasm.
  • You can use headings to split up your statement such as the headings from the person specification, this can also help you to get started by writing bullet points below the headings and then expanding this into paragraphs.

 Evidence your suitability

  • If you are evidencing skills for a particular role, the STAR approach can work well, it allows you to provide solid evidence.
  • Use the person specification as a checklist and ensure you have addressed all the essential requirements for the post.

 Get Advice

  • Ask a friend or family member to have a quick look at your application to proof read it – they will often spot mistakes you have missed.
  • The Careers Service runs application sessions throughout the year as part of the Jump Start programme. Check our events pages for dates.
  • Book a quick query with a Careers Manager who can give you some feedback on your completed application.