Personal Profile

This can be a great way to sum up what you have to offer and what you want your CV to achieve. It can be the first thing the recruiter looks at, and if it’s easy to read; targeted and concise, it will encourage them to read the rest of your CV. 

Limit it to one or two sentences only, and be specific and focussed, rather than generic and vague. 

  • Modern Languages Student with international study and customer service experience, seeking to apply proven social media expertise in a digital marketing internship. 
  • Chemistry Undergraduate with proven lab expertise and successful commercial and conservation experience, seeking an environmental consultancy graduate role. 
  • Successful Psychology Undergraduate student with extensive experience in child care and event management. Keen to apply proven interpersonal and organisational skills in an activities manager role. 
  • Final year student with an international perspective and a passion for the media, eager to pursue a masters in management. 
  • A highly motivated life scientist with proven expertise in a laboratory environment, proficient in applying a wide range of techniques. Ambitious to apply and develop research skills in a research role. 
  • A highly motivated life scientist who has demonstrated excellent organisational and interpersonal skills in event management. Wish to apply and develop these in a CRA role. 
  • MSc Health Psychology student with relevant experience in both the health and social care sector with a particular interest in psychology relating to pregnancy, child birth and the postnatal period. Keen to apply strong research skills in a BPS accredited Doctorate. 
  • Motivated Theoretical Physics student with successful trading experience and two years of financial customer service experience with HSBC. Seeking to apply and develop strong analytical and interpersonal skills in an investment management role.