One page CV

One page CV template.

Benefits of a one page CV 

  • Recruiters are busy people and only spend seconds scanning it, so the more compact it is the easier it is to read
  • In a pile of many CVs, the first side may be the only one that is looked at, whether you have written on the back or not
  • It focuses you to be concise, but doesn’t work for every industry and every student

How you could cut and trim a CV 

  • Remove your profile and list of skills as this information can be written in a cover letter or as part of the application form
  • Remove referees and ‘available on request’, as it is understood that you will provide references, if required, as part of the job application process
  • Consider the level of space given to school education
  • Analyse each job that you are considering and circle your CV statements that correspond most closely to the requirements for that particular position
  • Piece together the most relevant statements and drop the other information
  • Demonstrate your skills within your work experience and avoid duplication where possible
  • Use a bulleted list and keep your job descriptions concise
  • Focus on your achievements, not just your daily responsibilities
  • The first draft might be longer than one page. If so, try to eliminate statements that provide less significant evidence regarding how you would add value in the role, until you get down to one page
  • Reduce your top and bottom margins and your side margins. This will keep your CV clean and readable but give you more room to talk
  • Include any numbers on your CV? Change them all to numerical form, instead of written out (i.e., 30% instead of thirty percent). Even small numbers that are spelt out should be written numerically - it makes them pop to the reviewer and saves space


  • Writing too densely just so you can get a lot of information on one page as it will be hard to read
  • Using all acronyms, e.g. UofG instead of University of Glasgow, however where there will be no confusion with some e.g. BSc you can keep it in a shortened version