Our Mission Statement


To inspire our students to identify their career goals and achieve their full personal and professional potential.


Our vision is realised through three complementary aims to provide:

Advice and guidance

  • One to one appointments
  • Seminars and workshops
  • Curriculum and policy development

Education and information

  • Job listings
  • Virtual services
  • Labour market information

Developmental opportunities

  • Events
  • Internships
  • Alumni volunteering
  • Student enterprise


We are guided in our work by five core principles. We aspire to be:

  • Impartial: we will provide professional and unbiased advice to all of our users, championing equality and diversity in employment.
  • Innovative: we will develop creative approaches to delivery and foster a culture of continuous quality enhancement.
  • Responsive: we will seek regular feedback to ensure we deliver the best experience possible for our students and partners.
  • Collaborative: we will work in partnership with academics, alumni and employers to ensure that our students benefit from their experience, enthusiasm and insight.
  • Global: we will inform our provision with an international perspective and prepare our students to contribute to the modern global economy.