Making Decisions

Know yourself

1. What skills and qualities do you have to offer?  Which do you enjoy using?

2. What things interest you and motivate you? What about your personality type or your temperament?

3. Think regularly about how you’re developing and keep a record of events and activities and the skills demonstrated by them.


Know your options

1. There are probably far more options open to you than you think!

2. Around 60% of all graduate vacancies don’t ask for a specific degree subject. Use this website and other Careers Service resources (such as the free brouchers in the fraser building) to get informed about opportunities.

3. Find out about the skills and qualities required for jobs, along with their demands and rewards. Do they fit with what you have to offer and what interests you? How will they fit with your personality?


Make decisions

1. Now all you have to do is match what’s available to you with what you have to offer.

2. If this seems tough, then don’t despair! Prospects Career Planner is an online tool which can help you to look at yourself, and match what you have to offer to suitable potential career and job options.

3. Websites like this can be great starting points but remember you can also discuss your options with a careers manager.


Take action

1. Once you’ve decided on your goals, you need to maximise your chances of success.

2. We can help you with all aspects of job seekingfrom producing a powerful CV, to impressing at interview, to effective networking.


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