Changing your course

You might be feeling that your course isn’t what you expected, or that university life isn’t what you’d hoped for.

You’re not alone - each year 16% of students across the UK decide to change their course or university.

The university can help if you’re having doubts about continuing with your degree. First, try to identify what feels wrong at the moment:

  • Your course: Is it too difficult or too easy? Does the teaching style not suit you?
  • The place: Is the university too big, or the city too unfriendly? Are you unhappy in your accommodation?
  • Money: Are you worried about your financial situation?
  • Your career choice: Are you feeling that you’ve made the wrong choice of subjects for the future? Do you feel trapped and in need of a change?

Identifying what’s causing your worries will help you get the support you need.

Getting Help

We’re always happy to meet with you to discuss your career options and explore alternative courses or the possibility of taking time out from your studies.

If you’re re-considering your course of study, you should first make an appointment to discuss this with your Adviser of Studies. They should be able to help you identify what course options you have at the University of Glasgow. Then follow this up by making an appointment with a Careers Adviser.

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