Guide to heritage engagement

Heritage engagement uses our heritage and collections to support the strategic aims of the university.

Here are the existing online resources available to support engagement, by topic:

If your enquiry can’t be answered from the existing online resources, contact Archives & Special Collections:

Please include answers to the following questions:

  • Who are we building the relationship with?
  • What is the strategic purpose? For example, internationalisation, campaign, reputational enhancement?
  • Who is the University lead on this?
  • What are the timescales and deadlines you’re working towards?
  • Is there an event scheduled?

 We can offer:

  • Images of archives and books
  • Information – biographies, stories
  • Displays of original archives and books

Working with GU Heritage (University Shop) and Print Unit, we can help with the creation of:

  • Gifts
  • Postcards / leaflets
  • Posters

In our experience, the person who has built a relationship with the partner is best-placed to choose the items which will have the most impact.

We advise that you arrange to visit us to see the items we have and talk through the possibilities.