We produce catalogues of the records in our care.  These provide unique reference numbers for files, photographs, architectural drawings, minute books et cetera.

Our catalogues are arranged into series as appropriate.  For hospital records, key series will include usually registers of admissions and ward journals (or case books).  Registers of admissions provide a few items of information about each patient, often these are: their name; address; occupation; age; diagnosis and outcome of treatment; and the ward in which the person was treated.  Ward journals provide more detail about the care of named individual patients.  Both registers of admissions and ward journals are usually in date order.

For personal papers, key series will include frequently: publications; conference papers; research papers; and biographical information.

Our catalogues are available in print to paper form in the Glasgow City Archives Searchroom, where our records are produced for consultation.

Archives Hub

The full text of many of our catalogues is available online via the Archives Hub.  Catalogues of the records from most of the large hospitals in Glasgow are available in this way.