How to search the Guardian Archive Online

Browsing by Academic Years

Select an academic year in the drop-down list on the left side of the screen.

The full-text search

The full text search form contains three functionalities.

  • A free text search box
  • Boolean Operators
  • Date Restriction

Free text search

Write a word or a phrase in the search box.
Typing a phrase into double quotes will allow to search the exact characters string (e.g. "Glasgow University").

Boolean Operators

The buttons bellow the search box enable to search either all the words or any of them. By default all the words will be searched.

Date restriction

The two drop-down lists are to restrict the search by adding a beginning and an ending date. It is possible to use only one of them.

Combine the functionalities

You can use only the search box without any date restriction or only the dates or to combine the two of them.

Result Display

Result List

A search will give a result list in which each row will correspond to a page containing at least one hit. The browsing will give one row per edition.

Display Page

A link in the result list enables to access the display page. Images on this page are 650 x 795 pixels allowing an overview of the page.

Fullsize View

An image of 2585 x 3163 pixels is accessible on this page.

Print Option

This page resizes the image ensuring that the whole newspaper page fits automatically in one printing page (A4 or A3)


Between Hits

From the page display it is possible to navigate between hits using the navigation bar above the image.

Between Pages

The navigation bar above the image also enables to navigate between the pages of an edition.

Between Editions

It is then possible to navigate from an edition to another using the links above the image.