Conduct in on-campus exams

Students must do as instructed by the invigilators – if you do not adhere to the rules, you may fail your exam and be unable to progress or graduate:

  • You must do what the invigilators tell youThey are there to ensure the exam runs smoothly and that no student has an advantage over any otherIf they tell you an item is not allowed, do not try to argue or retrieve the item, as this will disrupt the exam. 
  • Do not turn over your paper, or start the exam, until the invigilator has announced you can do so.
  • Stop writing immediately when the end of the exam is announced. You must not even finish your sentence or fill in your details on the cover page. Stop straight away.
  • Make sure your phone or any other device is switched off. Do not put it on silent or flight mode – switch it completely off. Make sure you have no alarms set, as these can cause your phone to switch back on. Once off, put your phone in a closed bag or under your chair – not on your desk or in your pocket.
  • Smartwatches, smartglasses, and earphones are not allowed and must be removed and placed in a bag or under your chair.
  • You must have no notes of any kind (unless explicitly allowed for the particular exam – in this case, ensure you read very carefully the instructions you have been given about what you are allowed to have). Misconduct allegations will apply to any notes written in dictionaries, on calculators, on your body or clothing, or anywhere else.
  • You are only allowed to have a translation dictionary if this has already been agreed and you have filled in the form. You must not have any type of dictionary except word-to-word translation. Ensure you have read and understood the guidance which is circulated to all students before each exam diet.
  • Do not bring scrap paper – if you need to do rough work, this should be done inside your answer booklet. You are expected to write only on the materials that are provided to you in the examination and not on any of your own supplies.
  • Do not speak to, attempt to show, or share any item with, any other candidate during the exam.
  • Exam conditions apply until your paper has been collected and you have left the exam room.